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The One

The One

“The One” – made by Ivy Cheung (Bear Artist), in collaboration with Own image’s Greenie Chau and Mipenna

“The One” is a unique pair of teddy bears adorned with traditional Chinese wedding attire that combines elements of Oriental and Western weddings.

The clothes worn by the bears were designed and handmade by the acclaimed wedding dress designer, Own image’s Greenie Chau whose immaculate embroidery, weaving crystals and jade into the design, presents an exquisite interpretation of an Oriental wedding infused with elements of Western influences.

The golden headdress worn by the female teddy bear was designed and crafted by Mipenna, a skilled and creative fashion jewellery designer. It is known as the “Crown of the Phoenix”, worn by the bride in traditional Chinese weddings as a symbol of good fortune, wealth and happiness.

“The One” was designed and made by Ivy Cheung, a passionate Bear Artist who has created the bears with love and dedication. The German mohair used will last for 100 years, as many years as Ivy hopes for the glass eyes and hand-sewn noses of the bears to convey her sincerity and best wishes for your happiness!

February 8, 2018